Cat's Flat's Garden

Cat's Flat's Garden

120,00 €Prix

You care about your pet but your are living in an apartment, we are happy to invite your cat to use this wonderful flat's garden for cats.

Cats as well can enjoy the benefits of plants and no only one type of grass is good for them, in this garden, we mixed 6 different types of plants to help them relax and feel good.

On top of this, our product will enable your cat to feel good during summer and especially in case of heatwaves because of the refreshing capabilities of the grass.

You will be able to choose a ready to make basket or just our special seeds mix in the case you already have a fancy basket at home and you are willing to do it yourself. Here at Paris Capitale de la Terre believe that our client should always have different options.


This product has been proudly tested on animals and fully approved by them.

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