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Dernière mise à jour : 26 mars 2020

When I visited the Paris Capitale de la Terre studio a few weeks ago, a ‘Food is Politics’ bag caught my eye. I asked if they could make me one. As a surprise, they added another one of my favorite Paris Capitale de la Terre slogans ‘Fuck All’ (it reminds me to not care about what people think). Initially I used it as a grocery bag but now, I also use it as a bag to carry everything from books to sleep-over and week-end stuff. I do hope my friends and family won’t take the ‘Fuck all’ side of the bag personally…

People express their personality through the clothes they wear and the way they accessorize. Yet, the Anonymous Animals collective realized there is one item that is often overlooked: our reusable grocery bag. It’s a shame since we use it almost every day. This is why they decided they would not only turn it into something more stylish, but also to personalize it with slogans from their most known projects.

When plastic bags became a definite no-no, we started using the reusable cotton bags we found in the supermarket for our daily shopping. Even though these might be more environmentally friendly than the plastic ones, stylish they are not. But Anonymous Animalds wanted them to be as sturdy as the ones you can find in the supermarket, but bigger. So, when they found some big, black, cotton bags, they felt they were of an ideal size and color. Yet, as everything looks much better with a little bit of gold or silver, they upgraded them with slogans in these colors.

Since the bags are handmade, you can choose a slogan which suits your personality and political views: “Food is Politics”, “Tax me if you can”, “Dildo is better than I do” or simply “Fuck All”.

All bags are personalized by the collective in their Parisian studio, they are open to help you find the one you want or adjust the colours to match your tastes.

Shop now if you want to share the anonymous animals vision of the world!

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