Handmade Lifelong Tropical Decoration

Dernière mise à jour : 26 mars 2020

Paris Capitale de la Terre is happy to bring you the best insights about what is available on planet Earth at the moment.

We are crazy about parties but it oftenly is an environmental disaster, first when it is produced, then when it is shipped from so far away and again when you throw it away after the party.

We are offering a new way of living, it is time to shift your party to lifelong decoration handmade wherever you are or wherever you want, you choose your level of sustainibility.

We believe that the best way to welcome summer is to organise a tropical party by creating a very warm party scene to enjoy a convivial moment with your family and your friends.

We decided to act, we decided to build our own decoration that you can choose to do by yourself as you will be taught on our channel, to order from our website or to have it made next to your place by one of our local crafters.

"We believe handmade products are made to last and we decided that you are the one who will choose the level of sustainability according to your criteria’s."

Available soon a tropical party box with all that you need to organise your own tropical party!

Learn more about our different levels of sustainability >>> https://www.pariscapitaledelaterre.fr/ready-to-behave

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