Have your own conceptual artpiece, well, artistic joke!

Dernière mise à jour : 26 mars 2020

Paris Capitale de la Terre, is supporting a mind opening artistic way of living, this is why we are not afraid to present joyous pieces of art.

You and I, are now fully at ease with seeing unexpected objects turn into very expensive pieces of conceptual contemporary art.

What about having your own artistic joke and let other think you are a well advised collector ready to support art in all its forms?

How about, we sell you the artwork at its production cost and you define the price you show to your entourage?

What about a piece of art that you could eat in case of emergency?

What about supporting the artistic jokes collection of Anonymous Animals and their joyous invitation to a new behaviour?

We invite you to discover the blague artistique AA1984-1, choose your price, place your order and receive your own artistical joke!

We can't wait to discover the value you will set for this exceptional art piece.

Visit our e-shop "Blagues Artistiques" section to discover other kinds of artistic jokes:


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