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Paris Capitale de la Terre isn’t just a concept store. It’s above all a way of life promoting new ways of living in a generation where sustainability and ethical responsability are more important than ever.

Paris Capitale includes not only tools to happiness therapy, but adapts to the 4 seasons by changing its production several times during the year.

It encourages handwork and has for goal to encourage any new artists and talents in creating or launching newborn projects through new ways of life.

Our organization All Anonymous Animals, was this way founded to support newborn artists and their friends in creation through a more sustainable lifestyle, without having to compromise the quality of products - « In excellence we trust » is the motto. In that sense we are here to create new lifestyle communities.

The store was founded by Caroline Gazel, a product designer passionate about hedonism, taking the time to craft thing and upcycle what can be, showing that in a simple atelier in Paris with a few tools you can absolutely create anything you want to fulfill your needs.

At Paris Capitale de la Terre, we are looking for comfort, mastering of materials by many different kind of crafters. We are here to provide excellence and answers to new ways of living.

Join Us in this Wonderful Journey to the very special art of enjoying every small instant of life.

Hedonism consists in the idea that life should be about finding pleasure, comfort and avoiding pain above all, and it is a big point in Paris Capitale de la Terre’s values. The brand promotes « slow living » and the famous French « art de vivre » as a new way of life.

The « Art de vivre à la française » is famous in the whole world through its elegance and its culture of celebrations.

What we do here is providing tools for every moment of the year, we are specialized in bringing you joy and happiness, comfort and good advices, on top of everything our main goal is to rebuild communities were craftmanship and gemutlichkeit is in the center of our hearts. If you celebrate life, culture and the small things of life, if you have dreams, ifwe will help you build them.

Join our community of crafters and together, we'll create crafted objects for everyday life for people wherever they are, let's redistribute jobs across world, let's work and make everything we can by ourselves for our communities.

All the projects edited by Paris Capitale de la Terre are made by our first great friends.

People with talents, people with a great sense of caring and sharing are already participating in this project and we hope we will be able to launch the next series of events soon, so you can meet them too and they will be happy to share with you their dreams and their fantastic visions of life, through happiness therapy, fairytale photoshoots, brunch yoga funkyyogini X yingjoy pastry , throught dinner movies Cinecittà, revisiting the old movies from the different countries of the world every month, a time for us to discover other cultures.

We celebrate the cosmopolite quality of our city, the richness of being able to meet people from all over the world in just one place and this is why we created blablacucul, for this subject which is as vast and varied like all the different cultures of the world, let this subject be as open-minded as our city.

In our shop, you will find the fruits of all our collaborations we crafters and artists from many places around the world and all this is happening in Paris Capitale de la Terre.

We dare you not to keep looking because we have many very cool and very crafty luxe-comfort products at exceptional prices to come soon, the price of crafted and everlasting objects.

Follow us @pariscapitaledelaterre

A goal of ours is to keep working with various artists in the creation of our products or more so in the organisation of events and exhibition to keep innovating through the idea of sharing, a key value to Paris Capitale de la Terre.

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