Please your cat, have a piece of garden in your flat!

Dernière mise à jour : 26 mars 2020

The heatwave is hitting France right now and you are wondering how your lovely indoor cat will cope with the high temperatures?

You may also be looking for something extra, something extra natural and extra relaxing.

We are going to introduce you to our new flat's cat garden, handmade for them to relax as well as being also an incredible place to keep them fresh during summer.

You may not know it know by now, but there is more than just one kind of grass for your cat, actually among 6 differents types of plants can help them feel good, calm down, rest and relax.

We prepared a mix that you can order if you already have a place to build your garden and we are also proposing the set with a ready to fill-in basket, we take care of its sealing and preparing the ground by using a special fabric then you will only have to add soil and the seeds. To avoid uncessary and expensive shipping costs, we invite you to buy soil at your local flowerist.

When your basket is ready with the soil and seeds, just let him grow by the window for 10-15 days.

Every month, set aside for one week, for the grass to grow again. Refill with seeds, if necessary.

We can't wait to hear more about your new cat's delight ;)

Tested in Paris by our beloved Sarah-Charlotte

Paris Capitale de la Terre recycle vintage baskets into gardens for cats and they love it!

Please fill free to contact our team regarding any questions that you would like to ask concerning our products and meanwhile, we are pleased to invite you to our e-shop to place your order

Wishing you and your pets a wonderful summer.

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