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Dernière mise à jour : 26 mars 2020

Hello everyone, this week, we are very proud to be able to present you "The One and Only".

This handmade, gold plated audio cable was designed in Paris by the famous DJ Isidore Valentin Taylor.

Isidore Valentin Taylor is a real 21st century uomo universale.

Thus, he translated his passion for music into a flourishing career as a DJ. Recently, he also decided to share his excellent taste in Fashion on his instagrampage @nothingfitsbetterthan.

Isidore Valentin Taylor’s hedonistic way of life and discerning eye gave him a predilection for great food, fashion and music. Recently, his passion for music and fashion met in the creation of a 12-carat gold plated audio cable. The ‘One and Only universal Audio cable for In ear Monitors’ is handmade out of 12 strands of gold plated OFC copper with 2.5mm balanced 2 pins or MMCX standard with ultra premium connectors.

If you are looking for sound as pure as the wind, if you’d like to travel through space while listening to your favourite music, The One and Only will blow your mind. Isidore Valentin Taylor created The One and Only with people like you in mind, people who are passionate about music yet don’t want to compromise on luxury and style.

We are all looking for perfection and Paris Capitale de la Terre is here to bring it to you in any field you can imagine. Visit our e-shop to place your order and discover more products from our hedonistic collection.

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