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The true meaning of "Tax Me If You Can" or where the money goes...

Dernière mise à jour : 26 mars 2020

Tax Me if You Can is a serie of artworks imagined in Paris by the collective Anonymous Animals while listening to people complaining about the taxes in France in 2016.

This subject is recurrent in our country where solidarity is a word that we can hear everyday and that has lost its meaning in our world.

When people feel lonely, when we don't know how to help ourselves, we turn to the government to provide us the support we need.

In this society whatever we don't do by ourselves we have to pay and pay the taxes, why not try a little bit more of conviviality?

A little bit more of homemade or neighboordhoodmade?

Wouldn't that make a difference?

What do you think?

We, at Paris Capitale de la Terre support this way of thinking and we will show you new behaviours during the year.

When big companies are trying to avoid paying their taxes, when people are valuing money over equity and respect of nature.

When all of this is happening, the only thing we have to do is make the rights choices, be sustainable on our own, we don't need any help to start behaving properly, be clean, buy clean, create clean, be kind, be helping and sharing and friendly to each other.

Our country is the number one user of Cannabis and Anti-D in the world, it is time to think and change a few things to start feeling happier.

Happiness comes with the pleasure of building things by ourself and sharing it with others.

Sharing has no taxes.

Ask yourself where your money goes, see how you can spend less by actually doing stuff, move yourself, they are plenty of things you can experience, share and create or repair while feeling good at the same time.

Favor craftmen and local goods over industrial stuffs. Be an actor of our world, whoever you want to be and wherever you are.

And always remember,"Tax Me If you Can" also means "When ideas are shared, they are always renewed and everyone can go further."