Why You Should Get Yourself Some Porcelaine Moderne

Mis à jour : 26 mars 2020

Porcelaine Moderne was created by French artist and designer Caroline Gazel. Gazel is passionate about sharing her updated version of French ‘art-de-vivre.

Porcelaine Moderne is a handcrafted collection of ceramics that reflects contemporary ways of living such as singledom, slow living and coliving.

The collection incorporates several series which are each aimed at a different area of modern-day life. It includes a series of tableware, bathware, decorative ceramics as well as a line of more artistic inspired objects.

The First series of tableware, Food is Politics, is related to Gazel’s initiative "artistic tools for everyday life". Its goal is to incite users to reflect about the contents of their plate through witty messages, thus encouraging more sustainable food choices.

The second series of tableware, Perfect Size, is inspired by our changing eating habits. Thus, we no longer tend to eat multiple course meals. Nowadays, our meals consist of a salad, a soup, a pasta,… which we eat from a bowl rather than a plate. Perfect Size tableware is tailored to your preferred way to dine: alone, with a friend, your partner or you pet. An added advantage is that it is adapted to modern ways of living since it takes up less space than a traditional china set.